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Affiliate/Link Exchange Rules

Discussion in 'Affiliate/Link Exchange' started by Admin, Nov 22, 2018.

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    Nov 9, 2018
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    Affiliate/Link Exchange Rules
    If you are looking to become an affiliate with us then you came to the right place. Please read below the requirements to require a legit link exchange with us without it being deleted or edited out in threads & posts.
    Please DO NOT spam the chat rooms with your website or any website outside of this forums. Your site can't not be about the following topics: Anything with hacking, Adult stuff(porn or adult based topics), illegal downloads or trade/buy.
    You agree that you will not try to steal members by pming them behind my back trying to push them to join or pressuring/threatening them to join your site.

    Affiliate/ Link Exchange Requirements
    • You Must be an active member on the forums for 30 days.
    • You Must have 15 + forums posts. Non spam posts.
    • You are willing & agreed to follow all rules of both the forum & chat rooms.
    • You may submit as many websites for affiliate as long as we get one back on each of your site that you posted.
    • Your site must be google friendly and will be checked for any bad content.
    Once your website(s) get accepted you will get a pm from me telling you that it has been accepted.
    One you get into that group you can start posting your website in this section. Please remember the rules before posting.
    Failure to follow rules will result into deletion of your thread/posts about your website(s) and usergroup taken away.

    Thank you all for reading & following the rules.
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Thread Status:
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